Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Two piece,blazer and skinny pants

Model: Uche Agbara
Hair by: Uche Agbara for TBC
Makeup by:Uche

I just love this number,it sums it all up for me.It says independent,fun,stylish,hip and chic.What else can i say,you can wear this practically anywhere.Also comes in other nice colours of your choice and of course the blazer and pants can be worn independently with other outfits.

Polka-dot deep V bow dress

Model:  Ijeoma Ilo
Hair by: Uche Agbara for T.B.C
Makeup by: Uche

This beautiful fitted pencil dress is a gorgeous must-have.very stylish and classy.The back cuts deep into a V shape with the bow gorgeously resting just on d point where d cut stops giving you that hourglass figure.Perfect for weddings,dinner parties,award shows etc.Comes in various colours to suit your skin tone.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Fitted long sleeve short Kaftan(Round neck)

Model: Emma Agbara
Makeup by: Kimmy

A definite must-have for you guys.Fitted,classy and indeed very comfortable.Comes in different fabrics,styles n colours.Can be worn to weddings,parties and even casually.Gives you a very mature and responsible look and of course makes you look more handsome.Can be worn with toms,loafers or slippers,whichever way you would still look Fab.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Two piece surplus straight-cut dress

Model: Uju Ejoh
Hair: Uche for T.B.C
Makeup: Uche

This gorgeous dress simply says simple,descent but yet still sexy.The upper part is a bit maxi while the lower part is fitted.Can be worn for mostly all occasions and even casually with sandals or slippers.Perfect for all body types and comes in different colours.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Khaki shorts,tees and denim

Model: Emmanuel Agbara(jr)
Makeup: Kim

This is a summer look that is modern,classy,simple and also very sexy.Can be worn to the beach and to even a barbecue party and there is no age restriction to this look.You can either have the jacket on or off,either way would still rock.

Boob Tube Frail Dress

Model: Oby Ilo
Hair: Uche Agbara for TBC
Makeup: Uche Agbara

This boobtube dress can be worn to a dinner,an awards show,a wedding and even a cocktail.It is very gorgeous and should not be dressed down.Fitted and yet very comfortable.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Off shoulder maxi dress

 Model: Oge agbara
 Hair by: Uche agbara for TBC
 Makeup by: Kim agbara

A must-have in your closet.Can be worn for both an indoor and outdoor party,which means it can be worn casually with flats and also for a dinner with heels.Very comfortable and of course classy.Perfect for both my slim and plus sized ladies.